VIDEO Actor Dolph Lundgren announced that he is suffering from cancer


The actor Dolph Lundgren, known from the film franchises “Rocky”, “The Expendables” and other action films, revealed in an interview that he is fighting cancer away from the media, after doctors discovered a tumor in one of the kidneys in 2015, informs the American channel CNN on Thursday, quoted by Agerpres.

VIDEO Actor Dolph Lundgren announced that he is suffering from cancer


Swedish actor Dolph LundgrenPhoto: Nina Prommer / Zuma Press / Profimedia

Then the Swedish star, aged 65, thought he was suffering from gastric reflux in 2020, but it turned out that other tumors had appeared in his body in the meantime, which were surgically removed.

“I was working on a film that I was going to direct and in which I was supposed to play the main role that fall. The doctor called me when I was in Alabama, getting ready to film, and told me they found another liver tumor. Then I was like, “OK, that’s it.” That was the point where I started to think it was something serious,” revealed the actor, in an interview broadcast on the “In Depth With Graham Bensinger” show.

The same doctor later informed him that the tumor was so large that it had become inoperable.

The artist therefore underwent a different treatment, which his fiancee, Emma Krokdal, revealed caused him terrible side effects.

“His mouth became very inflamed. His hands were swollen, his legs as well, he couldn’t eat anything hot, nothing cold and nothing spicy. It was a real struggle to swallow food, so he continued to lose weight,” she added.

Dolph Lundgren, one of the stars of the “Rocky” and “The Expendables” franchises, has revealed that an oncologist told him he only had two or three years to live, although he felt at one point that the doctor who told him did not believe it really that the actor was going to survive that long.

“Now I appreciate life much more. I appreciate it every day”

The actor’s daughter, Ida Lundgren, 27 years old, gets extremely emotional when she talks about her father.

“I had a discussion with my father about what will happen if he dies and things like that. It was a terrible conversation,” she said.

Fortunately, Dolph Lundgren sought a second opinion from oncologist Alexandra Drakaki, who performed another biopsy. She discovered a mutation that makes that type of cancer treatable with medication, which caused the tumors to shrink by 90%.

“There are certain parts of his body to which the cancer responds very well from a medical point of view. There are certain injuries that cannot be seen now. Therefore, the result is beyond expectations”, said Alexandra Drakaki.

“Now I appreciate life much more. I appreciate her every day,” concluded the Swedish star.