Cape Coast Lyrics By IDK


Cape Coast Lyrics By IDK

If you wanna be a rogue (It’s lights out)
The consequence is pretrial (It’s lights out)
If you wanna be pimp (It’s lights out)
Then never fall for a pretty smile (It’s lights out)
I got a whole lot of exes (It’s lights out)
That got a whole lot of questions (It’s lights out)
Like, why would you fight for me (It’s lights out)
Then go running for the exit? (It’s lights out)
A therapist once said that I could be up next
To live my life upset, I said, “Enough said”
I never came back, I guess that I felt attacked
Hope I don’t go back
I try to stay refrigerated
The bad apple hurt your belly ’cause you ate it
I said the apple fell close to the tree
I looked up, my mama looking down at me, like

Sometimes the feelings are blind
Sometimes I can’t even give it a try
Sometimes (It’s lights out) I keep it inside (It’s lights out)
But still I cry (It’s lights out), still I cry (It’s lights out)

It’s lights out and away we go

Racing here in Cape Coast, what a race